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    Post PV Single Line Diagram


    I'm building my own grid-tied PV system in Toronto. One of the requirements to qualify for the Micro FIT is a three-line diagram. Can anyone share an example of a single string 3-line diagram using enphase microinverters? I would greatly appreciate the help.



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    Here is a sample of the PV electrical single line diagram.
    hope it can help you.

    1. PV Array consists of 2 sets of 199-watt connected in series parallel 2 strings of 13 panels connected series (tl of 52 panels). A DC-Surge/ Lightning arrestor installed in the PSPV-Fused solar arrays.
    2. PV Array Wiring to PSPV Combiner box is #10 AWG MC Connectors to Interface w/ modules. PV Array Combiner/ Junction boxes provides transition from array MC-Wiring to TECK cable and 15 amp fusing.
    3. PV Power Source DC-Disconnect #1 & #2 (Un-fused) rated at 30 amp Switch, 600VDC, Type 3R enclosure.
    4. Ground-Fault Protection is provided in the Fronius IG 5100’s DC to AC Inverters #1 & #2.
    5. DC/AC Inverters #1 & #2 are XANTREX GT5000 which are rated at 5.0kW AC output and are rated to provide a Maximum AC Current of 20.83 amps at 240-Volts at 40-deg. Celsius each.
    6. Both inverters are listed to UL-1741 “Utility Interactive”.
    7. Inverters AC Output Disconnect Switch, Fusible with Neutral, 2-Pole, 60 amps, 240VAC, NEMA 3R.
    8. AC Disconnect has 2-60 amp, 250 VAC, Dual element, time-delay, RK5 and System Level Grounding.
    9. AC Utility Switch, Un-fused, 3-Pole, 60A, 600VAC, NEMA 3R Safety Disconnect. This switch has an easy to read waterproof sign reading “WARNING, TWO POWER SOURCES – PARALLEL SYSTEM” and houses a system single line diagram of the entire PV system.
    10. 100 amp utility revenue meter with waterproof signage reading “WARNING, TWO POWER SOURCES – PARALELL SYSTEM) posted clearly visible.
    11. Equipment grounding conductors on AC and DC side are sized according to code.
    12. Solar panels, racks and PSPV combiner boxes, inverters and switch panels are all grounded and linked to a common ground located at the Fused AC-60 Amp Disconnect Panel.
    13. Utility tie in is by a TECK Cable 3C-6AWG, maximum of 200 feet long, to be determined at time of installation.

    Sample Single Line Diagram.pdf

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    Maybe they will take the Enphase diagram:

    The enphase diagram does not show a separate AC disconnect switch which may be required.
    For a single string, I'd say just blank out all but one of the three strings.

    The Enphase diagram was all I needed for the permit here in Montana.

    Two detailed descriptions of DIY enphase system -- first is mine, 2nd is Guy Marsden's:


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    Red face Canadian Electrical Code Rule 84-024

    hi, there,

    please refer to Canadian Electrical Code Rule 84-024.

    1. Wiring arrows indicate direction of electrical energy flow.
    2. Grid-connection safety requirements are given by the Canadian Electrical Code Section 84, and
    the Wires Service Provider.
    3. All components shall meet Canadian electrical product certification standards.
    4. All components shall contain nameplate labels indicating the acceptable Certifying Organization.
    5. An inverter with a Canadian Certification Mark thus meets the CSA’s standard C22.2 No. 107.1
    for utility grid-connection.
    6. Separate Grid Disconnect is optional and may or may not be required by the Wires Service
    7. If installed, Grid Disconnect shall comply with Canadian Electrical Code Rule 84-024 (2006).

    Drawing SLD 1 -- Single Line Diagram for Grid-Dependent Micro-Generator.pdf

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    Thanks a lot for sharing the information.... Well Done.....

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    The photos (of the drawings i'm supposing) are inside the pdf's that "mapleleaf" and "Master Electrician" uploaded. Just click on the pdf names to download them and you will see the photos. Hope that will help.


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    FIT and microFIT connection diagram


    single line diagram from Burlinton Hydro Inc.

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